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Reason why I will not make new content.
I have not made videos for me. I do not masturbate with my videos. I'm just making movies to seduce someone. But I do not need anyone's assessment... That's just my Prank or Tease Activity. S...
Older BBC
My wife has slept with a different man about every six months for years now, really likes the excitement of it. She'll spend either a day or usually a weekend with him. We also attend many nude functi...
Trained Submissive
Chapter One My name used to be Kristy. Now everyone calls me whore, slut, or anything else they want to. It all started at a frat party about two months ago. I'm a freshman at a big southern college,...
Moonlight byPeggyBuxton© John knew his mother was standing the doorway of his bedroom. The night wasn't that dark. He flipped the sheet back making his nocturnal activity even more obvious. "You're so...
Two gay teens find each other.
I met him at school. I think we could both sense there was something different about each other and maybe even a little bit of an attraction. We became fast friends and even started hanging out after...
Taken in the locker room
I was in the locker room of our gym when one of the school bullies came in. I tried my best to be unnoticed but just as I thought I was going to make it out my wrist was grabbed and I was pulled back...
Mother's Hot Surprise
Nicole was in the garage leaning against the side of her husband's car while Noah buried his adoring face in the abundant flesh of her enormous tits. Her nipples were fully aroused as her son's best f...
small cocks boy wear panty
My mother friend Alice was always too kind and showing off when she was dropping my mom from work shes been working at my mom place for nearly a year now tall and beautifull black milf with big firm t...
Feel like a Race?
It's all fun and games until someone's cock becomes out of control for medical reasons. Especially if that someone is in the family. Gwen learned that the hard way. What began as a family trip to T...
In The Aqua Suite
The pretty young woman who conducted me from Reception downstairs looked like a school leaver to me – hell of a first job - I remember thinking as we went down the dim corridor decorated with art-porn...
Forbidden Lust
A Wank In the Woods
It was summertime, and hot. I popped on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and went for a walk. The local wood, not a beauty spot by any means, looked lovely in the bright sunlight, and under the trees...