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Moving Furniture With Mum
It started off as just another weekend. My mother had asked me to help her move furniture around the house. Mum was wearing navy-blue shorts and a white T shirt. Her long brown hair was tied back in a...
Too much wine
It was Cait's dad's birthday and they had just a few friends and relatives over and we had cheese and red wine and when Cait and I went to go to bed it was late and it was just Cait's mom and dad and...
Virgin Becomes Mother
Oh! Those lovely days I just cannot forget those lovely days...
Marry Daughter Get Her Mom Free
I was attending a marriage of my relative. Thought I was not...
Photo session becomes a threesome
Photo Session Becomes a Threesome While I was in college, my girlfriend at the time (Elizabeth) and her friend Bridget cooked up an idea that started out innocent, but ended in a very surprising way...
She liked to Fuckin' Cook (or Fuck and Cook)
"Okay, you ready?" she said. "Yeah, I'm ready!" I said back. "Okay, 3...2...1...GO!" She slapped her hand on the timer and it started clicking. Then she grabbed a pan, threw it on the stove, and turn...